Comments on the 2008 Schools Football Championships

Sports Coordinator, Mr. Oswald Savarin, in commenting on the 2008 Schools Football Championships, highlighted the efforts of the officers of the Sports Division in conducting a successful 2008 programme for the U-15’s, U-17’s and U-20’s. He also complemented the schools that participated in the three competitions especially the Portsmouth Secondary School – U-15 Champions, the St. Mary’s Academy – U-17 Champions and the Dominica State College – U-20 Champions.

Mr. Savarin however drew attention to the decline in standards in the area of basic skills and in what he termed as “common sense football”. He is of the view that teachers and coaches need to spend more time helping students gain mastery of the basic skills of ball control, passing and kicking.

He believes that standards at the youth level were much higher when Dominica, under the leadership of Sports Division’s Coach Joffre Faustin, participated in the Keithly Sheppard Youth Tournament. In this regard, Mr. Savarin noted that the recognition of Mr. Faustin at the 2008 Independence Celebrations, was a well-deserved reward for his contribution towards football development in Dominica.

Mr. Savarin then extended congratulations on behalf of the staff of the Sports Division and on his own behalf, to Former Sports Officer and Football Coach Joffre Faustin for the Meritorious Service Award which was bestowed on him at the 2008 Independence Day National Parade.

Despite the concerns raised by Mr. Savarin about the poor standard of football displayed at the 2008 Secondary Schools Championships, he thought that what he saw earlier this year at the Primary Schools Football Championship was very encouraging.