Primary Schools Football Championship 2009 Final Results

This year’s Primary Schools Football Championship included 39 Schools, whereby 3 teams were formed consisting of 2 small schools. 35 registered teams participated in the District qualification Rounds – one school did not show up to the tournament.

A round robin was played on day one and two in 6 districts. 16 Teams qualified for day 3, which was played in Portsmouth and Roseau on a round robin basis. The 8 best teams then went on to play in the Final Round in an exciting knockout, which culminated to a final between Goodwill Primary, the winners in 2008, and Convent Prep.

After regulation time it was tied 2:2 and Convent Prep scored the winning goal in overtime to secure their first championship title – CONGRATULATIONS!

2009 Primary Schools Football Champs

We thank all teams and officials involved for their great cooperation – this 2009 Championship was a very successful one!

Final Results