Press Release: Women & Girls Sports Festival 2011

The Sports Division in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports successfully held its 1st Women’s & Girls’ Sports Festival at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth on Sunday, March 27, 2011.

This sports festival was organized to further celebrate International Women’s Day and to further emphasize the importance of physical activities in the health and wellness of our Dominican women.

Eight teams (approximately 90 women) participated in a fun-filled fully-packed day of sports; they were: Rising Stars (Tete Morne) New Kids on the Block (Portsmouth), Lime Toucarie, Aces (Roseau & Wesley High School); Bloaters Breakers (Portsmouth), Carib Strikers (Castle Bruce), Reformers Capuchin, and Northern Tremors (Portsmouth). There was competition in Rounders, Netball, Volleyball and Football.

Full press release below.

Press Release & Results