2011 2nd Annual District Sports Festival

The Sports Division in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports begins its 2nd Annual District Sports Festival

The DSF was conceptualized on the basis of sustaining sporting activities. It was felt that the grassroots programmes which were undertaken at the Primary Schools would not be sustained if there was an absence of sporting activity at the community level. That is, the children would not gravitate to the various sporting disciplines if they did not see these sports being played in their communities.

With this in mind, in 2010, the Sports began a mission to resuscitate sports at the community level. This would work through organized weekend sporting events which would be held in an exciting festive and exciting atmosphere.

The main aim of the DSF is to promote and develop sports at the community level.

The objectives:

  • To introduce or reactivate the district spots committees
  • To encourage cross generational physical activities
  • To encourage recreation for fun and laughter
  • To provide the use of the playgrounds for various activities
  • To bring people together

The country was divided into these eight districts namely: South East, East, South West, South, North, North East, West Central and the West.

The villages which fall within each district compete in cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, netball, rounders and track.

Sports Officers are given the responsibility of motivating and helping with the formation and the organizing of Village Sports Committees around the island. These village committees will be the leading bodies in terms of the organising of the teams for the festivals.

The 2nd Annual District Sports Festival will be held on various Sundays during the period May 15 to June 28, 2011 starting at 1:00 pm.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Southern District – 15th May – Grand Bay
  • South East District – 22nd May – La Plaine
  • South West District – 29th May – Pointe Michel
  • Western District – 29th May (St. Joseph’s court)
  • 5th June- Dublanc
  • Eastern District – 5th June – Castle Bruce
  • North East District – 19th June – Londonderry & NECS
  • West Central – 26th June – Botanic Gardens & DGS/Lindo Park
  • North District – 26th June – Benjamin’s Park

After the eight district festivals have taken place, the top village of each district will play against each other in a Grand Final to determine the “Best Sporting Village for 2011″. This village will be recognized at the Annual National Sports Awards Ceremony in 2012.

Lagoon (Portsmouth) was the 2010 top sporting village.


South District Report