2011 National Primary School Netball Competition Division 2

Division II of the Sports Division’s 2011 National Primary School Netball Competition will commence on Wednesday 15th June, at 3:00pm with 28 teams participating. The Competition will take place at three venues; Portsmouth, Salisbury and Roseau.

Grand Bay Primary, Delices, Jones Beaupierre, Massacre (B), St. Luke’s, Soufriere, Bagatelle, Convent Prep., Roseau, Goodwill and Pioneer Prep of Zone A will meet at the Dominica Grammar School while Salisbury, St. Joseph Jr., Mahaut, Warner, Campbell, Colihaut and Dublanc – teams of Zone B will meet in Salisbury.

The teams in Zone C are Paix Bouche, Savanne Paille, St. John’s (B), Thibaud/Dos Dane combined, Wesley (B), Woodford Hill, Bense, Penville, Vieille Case and Wills Strathmore Stevens and they will play at the hard court at the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School in Portsmouth.

Competition in Division II will continue on Monday 20th June, the Quarter and Semi Finals will be played on Wednesday June 22nd and the Final will take place on Friday July 1st. The Defending Champion is the Grand Bay Primary School.

Results (16 June 2011)