CBN/WINLOTT Windward Islands Schools’ Sports Results

We are pleased to present to you the completed results from the 2011 CBN/WINLOTT Windward Islands Games which took place in Dominica from August 24 – 31, 2011.

All the teams did well as the competition was keenly contested but congratulations go out to the Grenadian Team for winning the overall championship.

It was a great pleasure hosting the 2011 Games – it was a challenged but fulfilling experience. The 2011 WISG was the largest event in the history of the Games since it involved an increase number of persons to be hosted and the inclusion of ‘pure teams’ strategy and the decentralization of the Games. This meant that it was more costly than usual and a lot of energy had to be expended to make it a reality.

We were particularly pleased that the tournament was incident-free in terms of violence and that all matches, with the exception of one (1) volleyball match, were played to completion.

We look forward to hosting the Games again in 2015.

Sports Results

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Track & Field Results

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