News Release: Formation of District Sports Committee

The Southern District Sports Committee is presently organizing its self to take on the management of sporting activities in that district.
After three executive meetings, the first held at the Geneva Playing Field Pavilion on July 23, a committee comprising of representatives of the Sports Committees of all the communities met and selected an executive comprising of the following:

Claudius Lestrade (Petite Savanne) President, Walson Pacquette (Grand Bay) Vice President, Shawn Martin (Bagatelle) Treasurer, Kimelda Samuel (Tete Morne) Secretary, Andrea Laurent (Tete Morne) Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Tony Toussaint (Grand Bay) P.R.O; Isiah Proctor (Bellevue Chopin) Committee Member, Delbert Benjamin(Bellevue) Committee Member, Lex Magloire(Pichelin) Committee Member, Kerry James(Dubique) Committee Member, with Damian Jules (Tete Morne and Alick Rafa (Bagatelle) Nora Francis (Grand Bay) and Roy Tonge (Grand Bay). The Sports Officer, Mr. Abraham Browne, is an Ex-officio member of the committee.


The committee is in the process of ratifying a draft constitution to be submitted to the General Membership when the Annual General meeting is held.
Some of the stated objectives are as follows:

  • To encourage, promote, develop, organize and manage sporting disciplines in the district
  • To supplement the efforts of the various district clubs and sports committees to be affiliated with the District Sports Committee in the further development and improvement of selected disciplines.
  • To assist with the management of existing facilities and to make representation for the development of suitable facilities
  • To organize preparation, selection and management of District Representative Teams at both the Junior and Senior Levels.
  • To organize, facilitate and conduct wherever practicable, seminars, training, and workshops, for players, officials and the general public in furthering their knowledge in rules of the games, role of officials, discipline, dangers of drugs ,
  • To raise funds for the stated objectives.

The formal launching and first activity of the committee is expected to be the organizing of the closing ceremony of the National Lottery sponsored Lambert Henderson Cricket League scheduled for September 11 and the Southern District Football League tentatively scheduled to commence on October 2.

News Release