Secondary Schools Independence Athletics Results

Below are the final results of the 2011 Secondary Schools Independence Athletics Championships.

We had a successful event and the record breakers were:

  • Chelsea Linton (NECS). She equaled the 100m U-20 girls record with a run of 12.5 secs.She also jumped 1.60 m in the High Jump (the previous record was 1.57 m).
  • Ross Victorine (DGS). He ran 11.8 secs in the 100m U-14 boys (the previous record was 11.9 secs). He ran 17.7 secs in the 150 m (the previous record was 17.8 secs).
  • Luan Gabriel (ITSS).She ran 11.9 secs in the U-16 girls 100m (the previous record was 12.6 secs; then 12.3 secs ran by Luan in the Heats).She ran 25.5 secs in the 200m (the previous record was 25.9 secs).

We thank all the schools for their participation and the level of cooperation displayed on both days. We were very satisfied with proceedings and look forward to the other events planned for the new academic year.

Final Results

Overall Athletes Per Category

Overall Points