Press Release: Health Walk

Health WalkAs indicated in our New Year’s release, the Sports Division will embark on a number of activities during 2012 as it seeks to pursue its mandate to enhance the quality of life and to encourage healthy lifestyles among Dominicans. The encouragement of Dominicans of all ages to practice healthy lifestyles is enshrined in the mission statement of the Division.

One of the initiatives for the 2012 year is a series of Health Walks in the various districts of Dominica. Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can ease any one into a higher level of fitness and while combating many illnesses. It is a safe form of exercise, which requires no practice as is accessible to just about everybody.

Every month a walk would be planned and officers at the Sports Division would walk along a particular route that would pass through certain communities. Use of a PA system to play music and give out healthy tips will also be used to encourage participation by residents of communities along the way.

In this regard, the Sports Division informs that the 1st walk will be done on Saturday, February 25, 2012 and will start off at the Newtown Playing Field at 8:00 am and travel through to the Champagne area in the South West of Dominica.

The Division encourages the communities of Roseau, Newtown, Kingshill, Wall House, Melvile Battery, Loubiere, Hollywood, Siboulie and Pointe Michel to join the walk as we play our part in the fight against the number of non chronic communicable diseases that our country is plagued with at this moment.

There is no registration form, no cost, no obligations…just good healthy fun for everyone.

Clubs, teams, public servants, youth groups, our seniors, teenagers ….everyone is encouraged to join as the Sports Division seeks to encourage Dominicans to walk whenever and wherever as a part of their daily lives.