Press Release: 2012 Primary Schools Netball Competition

The Sports Division will on Wednesday May 30, commence its 2012 Primary Schools Netball competition with matches in the Division one and two.

The Division has realized a further increase in participation at this championship with a total at 40 schools comprising of 47 teams participating in this years championship.

This continued increase participation in the sport of netball at the primary school can be attributed to the coaching caravan which targets schools from Massacre north to Clifton, through Portsmouth to San Sauveur.

Atkinson, Salybia, Sineku, Morne Jaune, Grand Fond, Jones Beaupierre Primary are the schools which will be having their first netball experience.

Nine teams will participate in the Division one which will be played in two zones, while 38 teams have registered in the Division two.

The Division two will be played in five stages, the Qualifying Rounds and the Intermediate Round which will lead to Quarter finals, Semi final and the final.

Matches are expected to be played in Roseau, Wesley, Marigot, Portsmouth, Grand Bay, Castle Bruce, La Plaine and Salisbury.

St. Johns Primary is the defending Division one champion where as Grand Bay primary is the defending Division two champion.