2012 Primary Schools Netball Festival

The Sports Division Primary Schools Netball Festival competition has reached the Quarter Finals stage with the following teams qualifying: Bagatelle, Delices, Convent Prep, Mahaut, Salisbury, Wills Strathmore Stevens, Castle Bruce and Roosevelt Douglas Primary School.

The schools qualified following the intermediate round of the championship which saw Bagatelle, Salisbury, Convent Prep, and Castle Bruce Primary coming first in their respective zones.

The games will be played on Monday July 11, from 3:00 p.m at two venues. At the Dominica Grammar School in game one Salisbury will play Delices while in game two Bagatelle will play Mahaut.At the Convent High School in game one, Wills Strathmore Stevens will meet Convent Prep and in game two Castle Bruce will play Roosevelt Douglas Primary School.

The semi final and final will take place on Wednesday June 13, 2012.