Primary Schools Table Tennis Championships Report

The Sports Division’s Schools Table Tennis Championships culminated on Thursday, 7th February with the Primary Schools Championships at the Goodwill Primary School.

Twelve schools were represented at the championships – this reflected an increase of over 100% in terms of participation.

The schools were:

  1. Vieille Case Primary
  2. St. John’s Primary
  3. Savanne Paille Primary
  4. Wesley Primary
  5. Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary
  6. Bagatelle Primary
  7. Morne Prosper Primary
  8. Goodwill Primary
  9. Salybia Primary
  10. Belle Vue Chopin Primary
  11. Campbell Primary
  12. St. Joseph Jr.

Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary continued its dominance in this tournament, but the introduction of the table tennis training in the PE programme undertaken by the Sports Division has shown a slight narrowing of the gap.

A full report on the championship can be found below.