2013 Women’s & Girls Sports Festival

The Sports Division continues its mission of promoting healthy lifestyles amongst the Dominican populates and this time, the Division will be targeting the women and girls of this country.

On the heels of the recently held “International Women’s Day”, the Sports Division will hold the 2013 Women’s & Girls Sports Festival on Sunday, 17th March at Portsmouth.

A number of women are expected to converge at the Benjamin’s Park from 1:00 pm to take part in Rounders, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Relay, Football and Volleyball.

Although champion teams will receive trophies donated by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the objective of the day is not competition but it is about giving women an opportunity to engage in healthy activities in a fun filled atmosphere.

It can be proven that if women are involved in sports and physical activities then they are more likely to encourage their children to engage in sports thus helping to creating a healthier nation and a culture of sports and physical activity.

The general public is invited to view women from various parts of the island gather as we celebrate womanhood through sports.

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