Results: 2013 NBD Primary Schools’ Football Championship

After a total of 153 games with 49 teams participating,  the 1st phase of the 2013 NBD Primary Schools Football Championships culminated at the Benjamin’s Park, Portsmouth on Friday 8th March 2013.

This was when the semi-finals and final match of the competition for boys took place amongst the four qualified top teams. The teams were the:

  1. St. Joseph Jr. Primary School
  2. Goodwill Primary School
  3. St.Luke’s Primary School – defending champions
  4. San Sauveur Primary School

The 1st match was between the Goodwill Primary School and the San Sauveur Primary and it was the Goodwill Primary School who emerged victorious at the final whistle – winning 4 goals to 1.

In the other semi-final match, the St. Joseph Jr. triumphed over the St. Luke’s Primary – 1 goal to nil – to take away the chance of last year’s champions winning again.

A match was then played to determine the 3rd & 4th placed teams and it was very tight and exciting football as the San Sauveur Primary and St. Luke’s Primary battled it out in the middle. The interesting game ended 3:3 after regulation time and the teams were still tied after a 2 x 5 minutes over time – It was penalty kicks that decided 3rd place – San Sauveur won 3 goals to 2.

In the Grand Final, it was the Goodwill Primary and the St. Joseph Jr. who fought for top honours. The exciting shouts of coaches and spectators could be heard on the field and over the microphones since the event was carried live over Kairi FM.

Goodwill Primary emerged the 2013 NBD Primary Schools Football Champions when at the end of regulation time, they had won over St. Joseph Jr. – 3 goals to 2.

The Sports Division thanks all who contributed to the running of this Championships and congratulates the Goodwill Primary on its win.

The 2nd Phase of the 2013 NBD Primary Schools Football Championships will kick off on Tuesday 12th March when the Girls of the Primary Schools will feature.


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