Culmination Of The 2012 District Sports Festivals


Sunday December 9th 2012 saw the successful completion of the series of District Sports Festivals when the grand Final was held at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth.


The final was to be contested amongst the eight top villages which were winners of their districts festivals that were held around the island earlier this year; seven of the villages showed up.


The participating villages/communities were Lagoon representing the North District, Marigot representing the North East, Castle Bruce representing the East, La Plaine representing the South East, Dubique representing the South, St. Joseph representing the West and Morne Prosper representing the West Central.


The large crowd of participants and spectators had a wonderful time witnessing community sports at its best as keen competition took place in Cricket, Football, Rounders, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball and Track and Field.


Even before the end of the final event, Dubique – the smallest of the communities had already established that it was the top village in sports for the year 2012 when it defeated Lagoon in the semifinals of the basketball competition.

In taking the top position, Dubique took first places in Rounders and Track and Field with second places in basketball and cricket.  Marigot came in second position and Lagoon in third position.


The Sports Division congratulates all the villages who participated in the various sports festivals and continues to encourage Dominicans to use sports as a means to bolster their personal physical development while aiding with the development and strengthening of sporting structures at the community level.


The village of Dubique will receive the prestigious award for the Best Sporting Village for 2012 at the National Sports Awards which is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports on May 1, 2013 at the Fort Young Hotel.

(Attached below is the overall Results of 2012 District Sports Festival Finals)

DSF2012_Final Ranking