PE/Sports Status In Primary Schools In Dominica


Current situation:    

·         PE & Sports appears on all timetables in the 62 Primary Schools (~ 9500 students) as it is a compulsory subject (1 session per week).

·         Twelve (12) Youth Sports Officers (YSO) are taking the role of “traveling PE & Sports Teachers” covering 41 Primary Schools on the Island.

·         Eleven (11) Schools have an In-house Teacher, who is responsible for teaching P.E. & Sports to all the classes in the respective school.

·         2 District Sports Officers (DSO) teach PE weekly at 6 small schools.

·         In addition, selected YSOs & DSOs visit the schools weekly for an extracurricular session throughout the year specifically for the development of cricket (boys) and netball (girls).

·         Every year, the Sports Division has budgeted for the purchase of equipment for the Schools and Officers in order to run a structured programme.

·         2 – 3 PE & Sports Workshops are held every school year with Officers and in-house teachers for educational development and the upgrading of PE teaching.

·         The YSOs and teachers follow a PE Year Plan with defined teaching objectives for each age group.

(see below for the full PE Year Plan)

PE YearPlan_2013-2014_version 1


·         Grades K – 1:         Having fun and learning basic motor skills

·         Grades 2 – 3:         Learning specific sport skills but always maintaining fun by playing

·         Grades 4 – 6:         Playing to automate learned skills with games and gradually leading students into various Mini Sports Games.

·         Sports Days:          Students compete for a “house” outside of their PE Class in various games and mini sports at the annual school sports days.

·         School Teams:       A school can select students to train and form a team and to participate in the annual Primary Schools Championships.

·         Championships:     The Sports Division organizes competitions for Primary Schools in Athletics, Cricket, Mini Basketball, Mini Football, Mini Volleyball, Netball and Table Tennis.

·         Regional:               The best players in Cricket and Netball are selected to play for the National U-13 Teams that take part highlight in regional tournaments.

·         Awards:                 The best athletes and teams are awarded annually at the Schools  Awards Ceremony held at the end of each school year. Student excelling both in sports and academics are awarded scholarships.