2014 U16 Netball Training

Training continues as Dominica prepares to participate in the 2014 CNA Jean Pierre U-16 Netball Championships scheduled to take place in Antigua from April 4 – 13, 2014.

In this regard, we now inform that the following players have been selected to continue training in preparation for tournament:


1.   Kyla Winston                 DGS

2.   Vanelcia John                DGS

3.   Romelcia Phillip             DGS

4.   Rachel Seraphine           DGS

5.   Jeane Seraphine            DGS

6.   Lhana Honore                SJA

7.   Jade Powell                    PSS

8.   Anoushka Boatswain     PSS

9.   Reah Pierre                    PSS

10. Sherma Prince                PSS

11.  Precious Peter                CHS

12. Shyann Luke                 CHS

13. Tonilia Eli                      CHS

14. Kishma Harve                CHS

15. Verd Fontaine                PCSS


The squad will be further cut down to twelve (12) members closer to the tournament.