2014 Secondary Schools Athletics Championships

The 2014 Secondary Schools Athletics Championships will take place on Tuesday, March 18th & Wednesday, March 19th 2014 at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth.

A brief ceremony at 9:30 am will precede the track and field activities in which thirteen (13) schools have been registered to take part in.  The schools are:


  1. Dominica Grammar School
  2. Goodwill Secondary School
  3. Pierre Charles Secondary School
  4. Portsmouth Secondary School
  5. Isaiah Thomas Secondary School
  6. Castle Bruce Secondary School
  7. North East Comprehensive School
  8. Convent High School
  9. St. Mary’s Academy
  10. Wesley High School
  11. Dominica State College
  12. Business Training Centre
  13. St. John’s Academy

Judah Corriette from PCSS, Jervan Guiste from DGS and Osbourne Kok from SMA were the top male performers whilst Sherrine Serrant from ITSS, Shanee Angol and Jessica Benjamin of the PCSS were the top female performers in last year’s meet.


The Pierre Charles Secondary School topped the Girls Category with 131 points with NECS coming in 2nd with 122 points.   ITSS and DGS came in 3rd and 4th respectively.


In the Boys Category, PCSS and NECS tied for 1st place with 97 points each, PSS came in 3rd with 84 points whilst DGS came in fourth with 80 points.