2014 Primary Schools Cricket Championship

The 2014 Primary Schools Cricket Championship will commence on June 12, 2014.

The competition will follow the previous format with schools on the island playing as combined district teams. District festivals, which are scheduled to take place on 5th and 6th June, will prelude the competition and these festivals will be basis on which the district teams will be selected.

The Island will be divided into eight (8) district as follows:

Western District West Central District South Western District Southern District
St. Joseph Jr. Mahaut Trafalgar Bellevue Chopin
Salisbury Massacre Wotten Waven Pichelin
Coulibistrie Pioneer Prep Morne Prosper Grand Bay
Colihaut Goodwill Primary Laudat Tete Morne
Dublanc Roseau Primary Newtown Bagatelle
Campbell Convent Prep St. Luke’s Petite Savanne
Warner St. Mary’s Primary Soufriere
Belles Christian Union Primary Giraudel
South Eastern District Eastern District Northern District North Eastern District
Delices San Sauveur Dos D’Ane W. S. Stevens
Jones Beaupierre Castle Bruce Paix Bouche Wesley
Morne Jaune Sineku Thibaud Woodford Hill
Grand Fond Salybia Vieille Case Calibishie
Atkinson Penville Bense
Concord Clifton
St. John’s
Rosie Douglas
Savanne Paille





June 5th  –  North East  –  Calibishie

June 5th   – North – Portsmouth

June 5th  –  East –  Jolly John

June 5th  –   South East  – Delices

June 6th   – West Central  –  Botanic Gardens

June 6th   –   West   – Dublanc

June 6th    –   South  –  Grand Bay

June 6th   – South West  –  Pointe Michel

Matches for the 2014 Primary Schools District Cricket Festivals  are scheduled to commence at 10am at the various venues.