Eight (8) Teams on to the Final Round of the Primary Schools Mini Basketball Festival

basketball_clipartIn the 3rd year of the Primary Schools Mini Basketball Festival some forty-four (44) teams were in search of eight (8) qualifying spots in the final round to take place on June 16th at the Lindo Park, Goodwill.

For the first time, the competition had to take place at multiple venues- In the north at the Benjamin’s Park, in the south at Ma Too Too’s Park, in the east at the Castle Bruce hard court, and in the west at the Lindo Park.

The eight (8) qualifying teams from this preliminary round, which took place on June 11th are:

North – Roosevelt Douglas Primary School (1) and St John’s Primary (1)

South – Grandbay Primary (1) and Pichelin Primary (1)

East – W.S.Stevens Primary (A) and W.S.Stevens Primary (B)

West – Salisbury (1) and Goodwill Primary (1)


The defending Champions are the boys of the Goodwill Primary School who remain in a good position to successfully defend the Championship.