2014 Primary Schools Independence Athletics Championships Finals Results

Attached below are the results of the Finals of the 2014 Primary Schools  Independence  Athletics Meet held on October 22nd at Portsmouth.

The North East was again triumphant –  winning both the male and female categories with an overall score of 169 points.  Second was the North with 106 points; Third was the South East with 76; Fourth was the South West with 62 points; Fifth was the South with 59 points; The North West came in 6th with 58 points whilst the West Central  had to settle in the cellar position with 43 points.

The Most Outstanding Female  Athlete was Jarnilllia Phillip from the Wesley Primary School and the Most Outstanding Male  Athlete was Quan Lawrence of the Jones Beaupierre Primary School.  Other top performers were Asrie Valmond from Sinkeu Primary,  Lanesha John Pierre from Tete Morne Primary and Yakima Tavernier and Etheline Telemaque from  the Wesley Primary.

Quan Lawrence broke the record  in Long Jump for Junior Boys when he jumped 4.06 m; the previous record was 4.02m.

Briton Royer from the Belle Vue Chopin Primary School equaled the 1000 m record for Junior Boys when he ran this race in 3:29. 8.

Final Results

District Overall Points

Overall Athletes per Category