Upcoming Activities

icon_footballThe 2015 National Bank Of Dominica Primary Schools Football Championship continues on Tuesday 10th February.

At the Mahaut Playing Field, the Salisbury, Pioneer, Massacre, Campbell, Mahuat, Warner and the Kelleb Laurent Primary School will converge from 1:00 pm for Day 1 of matches in their zone.

The final day of Round 1 for the South East Zone will also continue on Tuesday from 12 Noon in Castle Bruce.

Meanwhile, the schools from Sineku to Wesley, including the Concord Primary, will meet at the Lio Park in Marigot on Wednesday 11th for Day 1 of their competition whilst the 2nd Day of competition for the Valley Central Zone will take place at Lindo Park, Goodwill from 12 Noon.

On Thursday 12th, the schools of the South West Zone will play at Newtown Savannah whilst the South Zone will end their qualifying round at Geneva in Grand Bay.

NetballMatches to be played in the Secondary Schools  U-14 Netball Championship organized by the Sports Division on Tuesday 10th February are:

3:00 pm      First Choice Delight PSS (A) vs. SMSS @ Portsmouth

4:00 pm      Zarman Garments PSS (B) vs. ITSS @ Portsmouth

3:00 pm      NECS (A) vs. CBSS @ Castle Bruce

3:00 pm      DGS vs. WHS @ CHS Grounds


cricket-21Matches to be played in the United Insurance U-20 Cricket Championship on Tuesday 10th February are:

PCSS vs. SMA @ Botanic Gardens

PSS vs. DSC @ Portsmouth

Both matches begin at 10:00 am.

icon_basketballOne match will be played in the 2015 Secondary Schools U-20 Basketball Championships when the boys of ITSS will host boys of the CBSS at St. Joseph in game scheduled for 3:45 pm on Tuesday 10th February.