2015 NBD Primary Schools Girls Football Championship

IMG-20150213-WA0009DSC05066Eight (8) schools have advanced to the Quarter Finals of the 2015 NBD Primary Schools Girls Football Championship which is organized by the Sports Division and sponsored by the National Bank of Dominica. They are the:

1.    San Sauveur Primary School

2.    Castle Bruce Primary School

3.    Petite Savanne Primary School

4.    St. Luke’s Primary School

5.    Woodford Hill Primary School

6.    W.S. Stevens Primary School

7.    Savanne Paille Primary School

8.    Roosevelt Douglas Primary School

This comes after Round One which was held in four (4) zonal competitions over two days – on Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March.

San Sauveur Primary topped the East Zone with Castle Bruce, Grand Fond and Sineku primary schools following.

Woodford Hill Primary emerged winner of the North East Zone; 2nd was W.S. Stevens Primary, then the Vielle Case/Thibaud Combined Team with Calibishie remaining in the cellar position.

In the West Central Zone, it was the Petite Savanne Primary which turned out to be the top team. They were followed by St. Luke’s Primary, Goodwill Primary and the Convent Preparatory.

Finally in the North West, the Savanne Paille Primary topped their zone with the Roosevelt Douglas Primary coming in 2nd.  Next were Mahaut, Salisbury, and the St. John’s Primary Schools.

The date of the Quarter Finals of the NBD Primary Schools Girls Football Championship will be subsequently announced.