2015 Primary Schools Netball and Cricket Continues Today

Upcoming ActivitiesSports Division’s organized Primary Schools Championship continues today with cricket and netball

2015 Primary Schools Netball Championship (Division 2)

Paix Bouche, Thibaud/Dos Dane combined, Woodfordhill, Wesley and Calibishie will converge at the Wesley Hard court for their round of competition while Jones Beaupierre, Morne Jaune, Grand Fond and Delices will meet at La Plaine.

2015 Quenchi Primary Schools Cricket Championship

The North East, South East, South and East districts will take place today at their respective venues.

North East at Calibishie

  • W.S.Stevens
  • Wesley
  • Woodfordhill
  • Calibishie

South East at Riviere Cyrique

  • Delices
  • Jones Beaupierre
  • Morne Jaune
  • Grand Fond

South at Gardens

  • Grand Bay
  • Pichelin
  • Bagatelle
  • Bellevue Chopin
  • Tete Morne
  • Petite Savanne

East at Jolly John, Kalinago Territory

  • Salybia
  • Castle Bruce
  • San Sauveur
  • Atkinson
  • Sineku
  • Concord