2015 Primary Schools Netball Championship – UPDATE

The 2015 Primary Schools Netball Championship commenced on Tuesday June 2nd with five (5) matches played from division 1 and one (1) zone from division 2.

At the Dominica Grammar School in game 1: Castle Bruce Primary defeated the Christian Union Primary School 15 – 0 with Chrisanna Joseph scoring all 15 baskets for the Castle Bruce Primary School.

In match 2: the Massacre Primary School won over the St Martin Primary School 16 – 4.

Shooters for Massacre Primary:

Treneese Hamilton 28/15

Culture Henderson 8/1


For the St Martin Primary:

Bernella Nation 4/3

Sianna Joseph contributed 1


At Marigot:

W.S.Stevens lost to the defending champion, Wesley Primary School 3 – 26

Shooters for the W.S.Stevens:

Turnisha Alexnder 4/2

Allisa Stevens contributed 1


For the Wesley Primary School:

Etheline Telemaque 31/20

Jarnilia Phillip 16/6


At Benjamins Park, Portsmouth

In match 1 : Woodfordhill won over the Dublanc Primary School 11-3

Shooters for Woodfordhill:

Tia Laurent 24/9

Dorsia Joseph 3/2


Shooters for Dublanc:

Ursula Anselm 6/2

Amie Victor 2/1


In match 2: the Clifton Primary School edged out the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School 15 – 14


Shooters for Clifton:

Philisha Ettienne 10/5

Rohena Paul 15/10


Shooters for the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School:

Jernella Lewis 11/5

Candice Henry 12/6

Serena George 11/3


In Division 2:

Twelve (12) schools have already qualified for the quarter finals which will be held Friday 12th June.

  • Campbell Primary School
  • Warner Primary School
  • Pioneer Prep Primary School
  • Convent Prep Primary School
  • Salisbury Primary School
  • Coulibistrie Primary School
  • S.Stevens Primary School
  • Salybia Primary School
  • Petite Savanne Primary School
  • Bagatelle Primary School
  • Roosevelt Douglas Primary School
  • Savanne Paille Primary School

Schools from Zone H: Jones Beaupierre, Morne Jaune, Grand Fond and Delices will on Monday June 8th gather at La Plaine for their round of competition while Zone F: Paix Bouche, Thibaud/Dos Dane combined, Woodfordhill and Wesley will gather at Wesley on Wednesday June 12.




At DGS grounds:

3.00pm Tete Morne vs Castle Bruce

4.00pm St Martins Primary vs Christian Union Primary


At Wesley:

3.00pm W.S.Stevens vs Woodfordhill


At Portsmouth:

3.00pm Wesley vs Clifton

4.00pm Dublanc vs Roosevelt Douglas Primary School