Soufriere wins the 2015 Quenchi Primary Schools South West District Cricket Festival

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The Soufriere Primary School wins the 2015 Quenchi Primary Schools Cricket Festival (South West District) in what was a very exciting final. The Soufriere Primary took on the St Lukes Primary School.



Soufriere Primary School 42/5

Malakai Xavier 12

Mikael Delsol 12

Shaheim Ceasar 2/3

Marcus Bredas 2/8


St Lukes Primary 32/4

Nickson Pacquette 10

Malakai Xavier 1/1


Soufriere Primary School won the final by 10 runs


Most Runs – Malakai Xavier (Soufriere) 107 runs


Other batting performances:

Joel Lewis (Soufriere) 81 runs

Shaheim Ceasar (St Lukes) 70 runs

Elijah Thomas (Newtown) 63 runs


Most wickets – Shaheim Ceasar (St Lukes) 5/3


Other bowling performances:

Liam Charles 5/7

Donte Warrington (St Lukes) 4/1

Shemiah Ophar 4/18

Terrence Toussaint (Newtown) 4/35