W.S.Stevens Wins the 2015 Primary Schools Mini Basketball Festival

The Sports Division is pleased to announce the completion of the 2015 Primary Schools Mini Basketball Festival.

Day 2 of the competition took place at the Lindo Park on Tuesday 16th, June with the eight teams which had qualified to the final round.

Goodwill Primary B defeated Savanne Paille Primary – 14:9 and W.S. Stevens Primary B defeated  Goodwill Primary A – 15:10 in the semi-finals.

In the final, W.S. Stevens Primary B won over Goodwill Primary B –  38:10.


  • Champion :      Wills Strathmore Primary B
  • Runner – Up :   Goodwill Primary B
  • 3rd Place :       Savanne Paille Primary
  • 4th Place :       Goodwill Primary A