Sports Programs On Hold

The Sports Division wishes to inform that all its Sports programs have been put on hold with immediate effect until further notice. This decision was taken as part of National measures which have been put in place to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Among the programs which have been affected are:

  • The ongoing Secondary Schools Under 20 Basketball for boys and girls.
  • The Secondary Schools Under 14 Netball.
  • The NBD Primary School’s football championship.
  • The District Netball League.
  • The Under 16 Netball training.
  • The upcoming Secondary Schools Under 15 Cricket Championship.
  • The Primary Schools Coaching Caravan.
  • The PE sessions at Primary Schools.
  • Training sessions in preparation for the Windward Islands Schools Games.

The Division urges all to be on the side of caution and asked that all adhere to the guidelines provided by the Health Authorities as we together seek to challenge the effects of this pandemic on our beloved land. Stay safe all.

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