Sports Division to Embark on Virtual PE and Sports Programs for Primary Schools

The Sports Division will shortly be presenting it’s Online PE and Sports Programs for Primary Schools. In light of the presence of the Covid 19 pandemic, a decision was taken to suspend all sporting activities as a means of observing the social distancing guidelines, this with subsequent closure of schools, meant that the students would not be able to undertake their regular PE and Sports programs.

As such the Division has decided to tailor the programs to cater for individual instructions and have them presented online via the Ministry of Education E- Learning platform. The programs which were put together by the staff of the Sports Division will be presented in the form of Teaching Points, Tutorial instructions on skills, demonstration and activity videos, and student activities.

The online program will feature the PE unit for the lower grades while the upper grades will undertake the Coaching Caravan program. It is our hope that the students will remain active during this period and will continue to have fun engaging in this online program. This program is part of the Sports Division weekly PE and Sports at Primary Schools and will be delivered weekly via this virtual setting.

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