South District

Southern District Sports Committee

A new executive was elected Saturday to conduct the affairs of the Southern District Sports Committee for the period January to December 2013.

Vincent Gregoire was voted as the New President while Claudius Lestrade, the outgoing president, will now serve in the position of the Vice President. Sean Martin and Beverly Baron retained their positions as Treasurer and Secretary respectively while Murium Bruno and Julia Bruno were elected to  serve as Assistant Secretary Treasurer and Public Relations Officer. Denrick Samuel, Isiah Proctor, Daniel Ormond, Reggie Henry, Roy Tonge and Vanson Bedminister were elected to serve as Committee Members. One other representative from each of the seven village committees of Bellevue, Pichelin, Tete Morne, Grand Bay, Dubique, Bafondpointe and Petite Savanne will be nominated  to complete the executive.


  • President: Mr. Vincent Gregoire
  • Vice President: Claudius Lestrade
  • Secretary: Beverly Baron
  • Treasurer: Sean Martin
  • Assistant Secretary Treasurer: Murium Bruno
  • PRO: Julia Bruno
  • Committee members:
    • Denrick Samuel
    • Isiah Proctor
    • Daniel Ormond
    • Reggie Henry
    • Roy Tonge
    • Vanson Bedminister

The committee expects to continue to focus on the management of the National Lottery Lambert Henderson Southern Cricket League expected to start in mid-February and the Southern District Football and Rounders Leagues, however, significant attention is expected to be given to the training of officials and players, particularly for football and to upgrade the level of performance of the existing disciplines and to introduce other disciplines in the communities.