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67 Identified for 13 & Under Cricket Trials

The following students have been selected to begin training for the Under 13 cricket competition/festival. Training starts on Monday 14th at 3 venues – Gardens, Jolly John and Portsmouth.

  Names School Venue Role
Donald Charles DGS G Bowler
Malik Walsh DGS G Bowler
Ethan Doctrove DGS G Bowler
Jervon Mesmain DGS G Bowler
Tahj Tavernier SMA G Batsman/ Keeper
Brice Jno Lewis SMA G Bowler
Anakym Morreau SMA G Bowler/ Batsman
Abe Durand ITSS P Batsman/ Bowler
Micah Joseph ITSS G Batsman/ Bowler
Roosevelt Merrifield PCSS G Batsman
Jahseon Alexander PCSS G Bowler
Shani Ryan PCSS G Bowler
Kimran Delsol GSS G Batsman
Jervon Raphael GSS G Bowler/ Batsman
Al Cabey CBSS JJ Bowler/ Batsman
Kyle Prevost CBSS JJ Bowler
Malaki Xavier Soufriere Primary G Bowler/ Batsman
Joel Lewis Soufriere Primary G Bowler/ Batsman
Elton Lafaille St. Luke’s Primary G Bowler
Shahiem Ceaser St. Luke’s Primary G Bowler
Justin Casimir St. Luke’s Primary G Bowler
Eskim Watt Newton Primary G Bowler
Jonathan Henderson CUPS G Bowler
Jamal Timothy Mahaut Primary G Bowler
Sarwan Auguiste GPS G Batsman
Jocelyn Valmond Coulibistrie Primary G Bowler/ Batsman
Dashaun Morancie Dublanc Primary P Bowler
Mickel Riviere Dublanc Primary P Batsman
Jeremiah Joseph Salisbury Primary G Batsman
Ferdison Royer Salisbury Primary G Batsman/ Bowler
Nikester Smith Salisbury Primary G Bowler
Ethan Nicholas SMP G Bowler
Sarwan Simon NCS G Bowler
Dequan Gilkes Calibishie Primary P Bowler/ Batsman
Edgar Alexander Calibishie Primary P Batsman
Nadain Mayers Calibishie Primary P Wkt
Rashard Francios Calibishie Primary P Batsman
Steffon George Calibishie Primary P Bowler
Kleve Baron Delices G Bowler
Emerson Isaac Delices G Bowler
Kern Cadette Morne Jaune G Bowler/ Batsman
Omarion Francis Morne Jaune G Batsman
Cameron Warner Morne Jaune G Batsman
Felix Prosper Jones Beaupierre G Batsman
Richardson Roberts GPS G Wkt
Clemson Leblanc Penville Primary P Batsman/
Owen Joseph RDPS P Batsman/ Wkt
Jedd Joseph RDPS P Bowler/ Batsman
Devon Francois Thibaud Primary P Wkt
Richmond Pierre Lewis RDPS P Batsman
Savio Anslem St. John’s Primary P Batsman
Brian George Penville Primary P Bowler
Jade Royer Penville Primary P Bowler
Quran Toussaint Pichelin Primary G Bowler
Dion Williams Salybia Primary JJ Batsman/ Wkt
Ethan Benjamin Salybia Primary JJ Batsman/ Wkt
Sherwin Auguiste Atkinson Primary JJ Bowler
Mitch Jeremy Salybia Primary JJ Batsman
Morel Burton Atkinson Primary JJ Batsman
Mikail Auguiste Atkinson Primary JJ Batsman
Jusdel Bannis Salybia Primary JJ Bowler
Deron Burton Atkinson Primary JJ Batsman
Jaheim George Atkinson Primary JJ Bowler/ Batsman
Randel Coipel Castle Bruce Primary JJ Batsman
Abijah Benjamin Sineku Primary JJ Batsman
Von Elizee Sineku Primary JJ Batsman/ Bowler
Dequan Ettienne Sineku Primary JJ Batsman
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Students Called for 13&Under Netball Trials

The following players have been selected to being training for possible selection to represent Dominica in the 13 & Under Regional Netball Festival to be held in Dominica from August 10 -15, 2014:

  1. Patrice Roberts – SJA
  2. Kristel Ferrol – SJA
  3. Celena Langlais – SJA
  4. Merkelsha Adams – CBSS
  5. Kyla Alfred – CBSS
  6. Kensha Wiltshire – CBSS
  7. Darnisha Langlais – PSS
  8. Lizian Daniel – PSS
  9. Angela Casey – PSS
  10. Danitha George – PSS
  11. Jellie Toussaint – PSS
  12. Jessima Carrette – PSS
  13. Kaylee Clarke – PSS
  14. Zindzie Nyaaba – PSS
  15. Engelique Sorhaindo – CHS
  16. Etheline Telemaque – Wesley Primary
  17. Adelle Durand – Wesley Primary
  18. Jarnillia Phillip – Wesley Primary
  19. Emmalee Francis – Wesley Primary
  20. Yakima Tavernier– Wesley Primary
  21. Michaya Denise– Wesley Primary
  22. Esther Denise– Wesley Primary
  23. Hannah Dangleben – Wesley Primary
  24. Ardan Bruney– Wesley Primary
  25. Moesha Jones– W.S. Stevens Primary
  26. Kernisha Jno Baptiste- W.S. Stevens Primary
  27. Tanisha Benjamin – W.S. Stevens Primary
  28. Luillian Gordon – W.S. Stevens Primary
  29. Turnisha Alexander – W.S. Stevens Primary
  30. Trish Sanford – Salybia Primary
  31. Zyrina Charles – Salybia Primary
  32. Jennifer Gasper – Salybia Primary
  33. Kirah Durand – Salybia Primary
  34. Tamisha Roberts – Castle Bruce Primary
  35. Edricka Christmas – Castle Bruce Primary
  36. Rohena Paul – Clifton Primary
  37. Shana Daniel – Clifton Primary
  38. Leah Scotland – Clifton Primary
  39. Aderal O’versen – Clifton Primary
  40. Shanice Frank – Savanne Paille Primary
  41. Shevona Daniel – Savanne Paille Primary
  42. Breyan Nelson – Thibaud Primary
  43. Myah Raymond – RDPS
  44. Casham Luke – RDPS
  45. Kendra Brudey – RDPS
  46. Jernella Lewis – RDPS
  47. Maliah Toussaint – Paix Bouche Primary
  48. Amber Casey – Paix Bouche Primary
  49. Tinisha Joseph – St. John’s Primary
  50. Unique Powell – St. John’s Primary
  51. Serita Paul – St. John’s Primary
  52. Kiara Christopher
  53. – DSDA
  54. Jeanice Landerfort – DSDA
  55. Kayla Telemaque – NECS
  56. Rosanne Prosper – NECS


The first training session will take place at the Dominica Grammar School at 9:30 am on Thursday 10, 2014.

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2014 Quenchi Soft Drinks/LIME Primary Schools Cricket Championship

The Sports Division congratulates the East District on winning the 2014 Quenchi Soft Drinks/LIME Cricket Championship!!!

The Final was played on a sunny Friday, July 4th at the Botanic Gardens between the East and the West districts.  West batted first and were all out in 19.3 overs for 93 runs.  Jeremiah Joseph top scored with 23 runs followed by Mickel Rivierre with 13 runs.  Bowling for East were Jahim Georges with 3 wickets for 11 runs in 2 overs and Abijah Benjamin with 2 wickets for 12 runs in 2 overs.

The East then went in to bat and claimed the championship title when they  scored 94 runs for 4.  Dion Williams was not out for 54 runs and Abijah Benjamin supported with 10 runs.


West Cricket Team


East Cricket Team

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2014 Sir Garfield Sobers Cricket Tournament

The Sports Division is pleased to announce that the following players have been selected to represent Dominica Schools Team in the 2014 Sir Garfield Sobers Cricket Tournament which is scheduled to take place in Barbados from July 6 – 24, 2014:

  1. Kassim Peltier (Captain)- DGS
  2. Terrel Toussaint – SMA
  3. Gamaliel Ophar – DGS
  4. Melvin Defoe – PCSS
  5. Kimron George – DSC
  6. Ian Lewis (Vice Captain) – DSC
  7. Jami James – DSC
  8. Rahim Prosper – DGS
  9. Randwick Larocque – PSS
  10. Odel Deschamps – DSC
  11. Kerwin Dupigny – NECS
  12. Derry Auguiste – NECS
  13. Jean-Phillipe Barrie – CBSS
  14. Lee Louisy – ITSS

The team will be managed by Sports Officer Edmund Audain and coached by Mr. Thomas Kentish.

The team is expected to leave state on Sunday, July 6th.

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Finals of the 2014 Quenchi Soft Drinks/LIME Primary Schools Cricket

The Sports Division will hold the Final of the 2014 Quenchi Soft Drinks/LIME Primary Schools Cricket Championship will be held on Friday, July 4th at the Botanic Gardens.

The limited overs competition, which started on June 12th, saw the schools on island playing as eight (8) districts in two (2) zones. The teams which will feature in the 9:30 am Final are the East and the West districts.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the sponsors are expected to meet the teams before the start of play. Last year, the West was the Runner Up and South West was the Champion team.

This Final will be the last competitive activity for the schools for the academic year and the final curtains will then be brought down on all activities when the 22nd Annual Schools Sports Awards is held on Saturday, July 5th at the Auditorium of the Dominica State College at 10:00 am. 

The top students and schools will receive their trophies and other prizes for the various championships held under the auspices of the Sports Division during the year 2013/14.

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